Journey 09/09/2004 - Oneida Casino - Green Bay, WI

Journey's concert at the Oneida Bingo & Casino was the last show of the year in the casino's Pavilion Nights lineup. Every year the casino will hold several shows in an outdoor tent, and the prices are kept at a reasonable $20. I've heard that on a hot summer night the tent is unbearable, but this night was cool and a perfect night for the Journey show.

The sold out show started a bit late, due to some keyboard problems they were having. So when the lights went down and "Be Good To Yourself" kicked in, the crowd was more than ready. Naturally they played all of their hits, but it became apparent that they were pulling out some more obscure songs to please long time fans. They also each took turns on some lead vocals, which not only was fun to watch but really made you appreciate how good each band member was vocally. Bass player Ross Valory sang "Walks Like A Lady", and guitar god Neal Schon sang the Jimi Hendrix cover of "Voodoo Child". Jonathan Cain handled the piano, keyboards, harmonica, rhythm guitar, as well as sang lead on "Just The Same Way". The most impressive part of the night was when drummer Deen Castronovo sang "Keep On Runnin" and "Mother, Father". I dare say he sang better than lead singer Steve Augeri. I don't say that lightly, as Steve is an incredible singer and filled some big shoes belonging to former lead singer Steve Perry. But I have to say it again; Deen was mind blowing when he sang.

They ended the night with a blues jam that merged into "Lovin Touchin Squeezin". Overall, an excellent concert. Journey finds themselves in a situation where their new music doesn't sell what it should, yet they sell out concerts everywhere they play. They seemed to have acknowledged this, and they are giving fans who have seen them numerous times in the past a reason to keep coming back for more! Journey has always been a tight band live throughout the years, and they will be a touring force for some time to come.

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