Twisted Sister 09/23/2004 - Oneida Casino - Green Bay, WI

It was 1984 all over again when Twisted Sister hit the stage at the Oneida Casino with their make-up and attitude in tact. The audience was rather small, with only about 800 in attendance in a room that can easily hold several thousand. But what they lacked for in numbers they make up for in energy. Many of die-hard fans that have followed the band from the early days were mixed with a surprising number of younger concert goers. Lead singer Dee Snider summed up the crowd when he proclaimed "This room is NOT very rock n' roll (referring to the plush carpeting and chandlers), but you all ARE rock n roll!"

The band was tight, and much heavier than their records would lead you to believe. They ripped through song after song spanning their 6 studio albums, only slowing down for "The Price" off their classic release "Stay Hungry". There seemed to be a problem with one or several of their stage monitors, that became a little distracting as a stage hand was running around during the show trying to fix it. Considering that the band members are now easily in their 50's, they put on a very energetic show. Guitar player Jay Jay French was literally running from one side of the stage to the other throughout the show. The drummer AJ Pero was slamming away, even though he had bronchitis! Guitarist Eddie Ojeda and bass play Mark Mendoza didn't just play their instruments, they attacked them.

One would think that they would save one or both of their big anthems, "I Wanna Rock" and "We're Not Gonna Take It", for their encore. Yet they ended up going out on a lesser known fan favorite "SMF" and then the same song their played at the beginning of the show. This concert seemed put together almost last minute, and with very little advertising. Yet with that said, both the fans and the band seemed pleased with the outcome.

Twisted Sister background